Try to imagine walking in a forest in the middle of Milan, where you can relax, meet with others and enjoy great drinks and dishes… well, you are now in Foresta Woodbar.

Located in Ticinese area, Foresta Woodbar is a place with evocative design and nature-friendly spirit. Focused on the wood concept, it’s open from early mornings
to late nights and offers tasty courses, homemade sweets and appetizer that are characterized by genuineness, freshness and creativity. Imaginative drinks and finger food delicacies mark the happy hour, to be enchanted by the charm of a magical urban forest.

A great visual and aesthetic impact location that offers interesting and high quality dining options: this is, in a nutshell, Foresta Woodbar  Milano.


The environment is highly theatrical, the result of a complex project  that leaves nothing to chance: from the lights to the chairs, from the walls to the decorations, the entire local follows the reasons and the charm of a magical forest. The new and highly expressive design, imagined and created by Andrea Castejon and Alessio Benoni, from  Centropolis Design, aims to create an ultra-comfortable and evocative atmosphere. Wood, stone and iron materials are selected to create an environment with strong tactile and materials suggestions.

Everywhere, stylized and organic forms recall roots, branches and leaves, enchanting the gaze. In the first room, with large windows on the street, the big hanging lamps look like birds nests, while the curved and wood paneled wall seems to be an huge tree trunk. The second room is the Garden Box, a large space defined by glass and wood, that remind a refined winter garden. A refined and original design that makes clear and constant references to the mood of the forest.


Monday 12.00-16.00 / 18.00-24.00
Tuesday 12.00-16.00 / 18.00-24.00
Wednesday 12.00-16.00 / 18.00-1.00
Thursday 12.00-16.00 / 18.00-1.00
Friday 12.00-16.00 / 18.00-2.00
Saturday 18.00-2.00
Sunday 18.00-24.00